PPI BMW Injector Bore Repair Kit


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PPI is proud to announce our patent pending injector bore repair kit for BMW engines. 

Please make sure to use the drop down menu and select your correct engine or we will ship a N54 kit by default. It is a different repair sleeve for each engine and a N55 kit will not interchange with a N54 kit. 

We have also added a repair shop starter kit as many of you shop owners have asked for. It will come with 16 sleeves and covers all engines listed in the drop down menu. 

Kits ship with correct drill bit, correct tap matched to our sleeve, grease to put on drill bit and tap to catch shavings, antiseize to put on sleeve, repair sleeves, and an air hose to blow out combustion chamber to ensure no shavings made its way into the cylinder and if so, this will blow them out.

A customer made a nice DIY video which can be found here.



This item will have no warranty. As it is a repair kit that the end user installs, we give no warranty. Use at your own risk. It is to be used as a last resort to keep you from having to replace your cylinder head from a damaged injector bore. PPI makes no warranty on the product and are not responsible for improper install or damage to vehicle or body. Use at your own risk.

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    Easy to use solved misfires.

    Posted by Devan Hixson on Mar 3rd 2022

    Easy to use install took about 3 hours and it solved a persistent misfire that would not go away on f10 535i

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    Injector bore repair kit

    Posted by Bobby Jovanovski on Feb 11th 2022

    This kit saved my car. It absolutely works

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    PPI injector Bore Kit

    Posted by Donald Fitzgerald on Jan 2nd 2022

    Special thanks to you guys for the kit. My #6 injector hole was so badly oblong shaped that no matter what I tried i could not get the injector to seal at all. This kit saved me from having to buy another engine or having to replace the head. The kit works 100%. I tried all the tricks with the Teflon tape but nothing works like this kit does. I couldn't believe how lose the injector bore was until I put the new sleeve in. The precision of the sleeve to fit the injector is incredible. I am very satisfied with this product. Thank u very much

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    Ridiculously Easy

    Posted by Stella & Nicole on Dec 12th 2021

    Let’s start off by saying just how sketched I was when hearing I’d have to drill in my engine. I was not very hopeful and that’s the truth. But, I listened to Michael and took his word for it. We repaired ALL 6 of my injector bores. I knew a few of them were bad just because of the way the injector would come out but since we were there, we just knocked them all out. I have never felt my car as healthy as she is. Compression is extremely good and I haven’t had a misfire since this fix. I know it might sound a little off-putting but have faith! It works!

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    Quick and Easy Fix For an Expensive Problem

    Posted by Jacob J on Dec 12th 2021

    *Update* When checking for a no start issue this week, I had a hair up my ass and checked compression. My numbers are as follows after the injector bore fix Cylinder compression 1. 175 2. 175 3. 175 4. 180 5. 170 6. 175 After struggling with misfires for the past three weeks I finally narrowed my issue down to injector bore being ovaled out on cylinder 5. When I looked for answers I came across a kit put together by ppifpr.com that is basically a stainless steel timesert to fix the injector bore and keep a tight seal on the injector. The whole process is very simple, I have previous experience with timeserts but was weary of metal shavings in my engine. A few hours later all 6 of my injector bores have been fixed and I finally made a full pull without misfiring. Thanks ppifpr.com y’all just saved me big time! Now back to picking on mustangs.

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    Injector fix

    Posted by Andy on Dec 11th 2021

    Had a misfire I could not fix on cylinder 6. I replaced coil, plug, and injector. Anything over 8 psi and I would misfire. Tuned on mhd stage 2+. Turned out my injector was loose. Really loose. I tried new seal, Teflon tape. More Teflon tape, diesel injector copper washer, cut off oem injector cap trick. The injector cap trick worked for 2 days. Then came loose again and broke hold down clamp for injector on 6. I was ready to sell the car until I saw this fix on a YouTube video. Well it’s been 2 weeks. Not one issue on 18 psi every day! I was seriously ready to sell my car. I didn’t want to pull the engine. Thanks for the great fix.

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    Great fix! Even an upgrade

    Posted by Ala Saleh on Dec 11th 2021

    This is an amazing fix or even an upgrade to the injectors bore. It is a very easy simple job. Don’t need to take the head of the car. Have been using it on my car which I daily drive without any issues. Completely fixed the misfire I had. If you guys have the same issue go ahead and order it! Watch the video I made for installation: https://youtu.be/vmoA9pina0A