Frankenturbos F21Bi N54 Turbos


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So what do you get for that $1899? Hybrid turbos with billet compressor wheels AND performance outlet y-pipes! Proprietary high output MixedFlow turbine rotors. Industry-leading bearing parts specifications. 650+ WHP capability with stock responsiveness. NO core deposit. And, a 2-year limited warranty.



  • FrankenTurbo-exclusive flow-controlling oil feed lines
  • "One size fits all" kit for 1-, 3-, and 5-series cars
  • Proprietary high output 18T compressors and MixedFlow turbine rotors
  • Industry-leading bearing parts exceeding TD04 specifications
  • Dyno-proven 650+ whp capability with stock responsiveness
  • NO core deposit
  • 2-year limited warranty


Manufacturing Specs:

  • 75" runners Y-Pipe outlet to intercooler
  • 9-blade MixedFlow Inconel 48mm/44.5mm Turbine rotor
  • 7 + 7 blade forged 2618-aluminum, 18T/2183-series compressor wheel
  • Proprietary "anti-rattle" wastegate assembly
  • Over-bored 42CrMo High-strength cast alloy rotor shaft & stem
  • High-performance, TD04+ thrust bearing assembly
  • 5mm TD04 specification journal bearings
  • Oversized cast turbine housing/manifold (1000º c rating)
  • Rotating assembly exceeds OEM Mitsubishi TD04 Specs
2 Year Limited Warranty